GANERTRANS : core carriers strategy Seafreight

GANERTRANS is a relevant NVOCC operator in the freight forwarding industry, with approximately a big number of TEU at a global scale. 2015/2016 Core carriers program to ensure best flexibility to .

GANERTRANS sea freight policy : 80 % of GANERTRANS cargo to be shipped with the Core Carriers.

Core carriers are shipping lines offering a large scope of services with whom GANERTRANS is working as a priority, taking volumes commitments and space / equipment protection guarantees 83% of Asia Europe volumes were shipped with a mix of alliance and non alliance carriers

Developing IT connections between GANERTRANS integrated network and its core carriers is a major priority as a key factor of operational productivity (standardization of internal procedures, data compliance, carriers performance audit) to provide our customers with excellent service and confidentialities of all our agent that we work with .