specializing on handling, customs clearing and shipping goods

to foreign countries by Sea, Air and Road

GANERTRANS is a service provider since 1983 used by several known companies as : Coca Cola, Automotive worldwide trade in USA and Europe, Textile business Asia ext. UNI PACK, Indefco foodstuff, personal effect for diplomat and clients for AFRICA ZONE. We deal in international import and export since 1983.

GANERTRANS is specializing on handling, customs clearing and shipping goods to foreign countries by Sea, Air and Road. We can provide estimates of transportation and shipping costs as well as inform you of other costs associated with shipping your product to foreign markets.

Our services include:

International business consulting

Negotiating and arranging the best method of transport for your product to or from the target destination

Coordinating the movement of your goods to or for any destination

Preparing the necessary paperwork, customs clearing

Providing advice on packing, labeling and marking of goods

Arranging warehouse storage and cargo insurance

We focus on air freight forwarders and ocean freight forwarders import and export worldwide. We are specializing in arranging shipments to or from 200 countries, areas of the world we have also a service that is specialized on particular types of products.

Because shipping can incur significant costs, GANERTRANS can save your money and help you keep your product's export and import price competitive.

GANERTRANS is not government organizations. We privately-owned businesses and are therefore competitive, so suggestion is to contact us on and do a cost comparison and our quality of services.

Charges are based on the weight, distance, and type of goods being shipped by Air or by Sea.

The Hi-Tech industry is characterized by multi-sourced supply chains, the migration of manufacturing facilities, and rising expectations...

Produits de luxe

GANERTRANS draws from extensive experience in the Luxury Goods sector to offer customers end-to-end supply chain support...

GANERTRANS understands the critical nature of freight shipping for the automotive industry.

Pharma & Health
GANERTRANS leader of air transportation of pharma products requires harmonized handling procedures and strong cooperation among the cold chain partners...

GANERTRANS are way ahead of the curve on compliance and technology. That’s a reason why we are so successful, adding that this trend will only gain more momentum.

Aviation - (AOG) Shipping
On call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, GANERTRANS Logistics can suggest the best method for meeting your aircraft-on-ground (AOG) shipping goals...

Retail - FMCG
GANERTRANS can provide warehousing solutions, logistic services, handling and packaging of goods, local distribution or international freight forwarding...

Industrial Projects
The Project department of Freight Forwarding activities of GANERTRANS are focused on three key sectors - construction & civil sector, energy and technology.

Marine Logistics
GANERTRANS Freight Forwarding is strategically located across the world with teams dedicated to the marine industry along the entire breadth of your routes.

Oil & Gas
GANERTRANS offer a range of logistical solutions to meet varying and exacting needs of the oil and gas sector.


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